Where it all Begins

You know you’ve become pet obsessed when the very first person you think to call for help when there is a large snapping turtle in your driveway is your vet.

Not the local wildlife organization, or any one of your adult friends, all of whom live in the country and would definitely know what to do, not a parent because you are only 16, but your veterinarian.

“Doc,” I said, “there’s a snapping turtle in my driveway.”

“How big is it?” he asked.

“Big,” I answered.

“All right then, kiddo. This is what you’re going to do . . .”

Eighteen years later the vet is still the first person I would probably call in a crisis, because any crisis in my household usually involves an animal.

And by the way, if you ever need help with a snapping turtle, I totally know what to do.

Holding Hands


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