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Pub Dog


The Things We Do For Love

This little something special came into my life about 4 years ago and furever (see what I did there?) changed my life when he preceded to love us like his very life depended on it. And recently I found out it kind of does. He loves everyone – and I don’t just say this, because I could honestly give him to any one of you today and he’d love you just as hard – but this only makes me love him back even harder. This sweet friend of mine was diagnosed with asthma – and now, on top of the already existent chronic upper respiratory infection I’ve been managing since day one, it seems his lungs just want to fail him. It worries me, and the medication is outrageously expensive, but the decision to pay whatever it took to soothe his lungs was made the day I drove him home through a snowstorm from that little shelter in Washington. I gotchu, Linwood. Don’t worry about a thing.

The amazing shelter I adopted Linwood from:

Thank you, I am eternally grateful.